Tendonitis (Biceps)

The biceps muscle, which is at the front of the arm, has two tendons that attach in the shoulder. The long head of the biceps attaches to the superior labrum, which is a rim of cartilage at the top of the shoulder socket. 


When this bicep tendon experiences inflammation or irritation it is known as bicep tendinitis. The pain caused by this condition is located primarily in the front of the shoulder, which could eventually cause loss of motion and weakness. Tendinitis can progress over time, causing the tendon to grow thicker or larger. If not attended to promptly the inflammation can cause the tendon to tear and eventually cause a deformity to the arm. 

The cause of bicep tendinitis is often due to normal wear and tear from basic daily activities. It can also be initiated by a trauma. Symptoms include pain, tenderness, achiness during movement, weakness, limitation of motion, and occasional feeling of snapping.

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