Labral Tears (Hip)

The labrum is a layer of cartilage, which surrounds the socket of the hip in order to keep the ball of the femur in place. A labral tear is an injury in which the labrum is torn or damaged.


Labral tears are fairly common among athletes and occur as a result of repetitive use. However a labral tear can also occur as a result of trauma such as car accidents or falls. Some labral tears are not symptomatic at all while others can cause pain or stiffness in the hip or groin or a clicking in the joint. If symptoms do not subside or if they worsen within six weeks, a physician should be seen.

A physical examination of the area will be performed by a physician and involves rotating and moving the leg and hip joint. If the physician suspects a labral tear, imaging tests, such as x-rays or MRIs, will be ordered for a detailed view of the hip joint.

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